Sports and Social media: How Are They Related?


Want more sports news on social media? Going into social media to build relationships not only with old friends and relatives, but also with your favorite athlete is now possible. Who would have thought that sports and social media will go hand in hand? Not until everyone started spending a lot of time socializing on various social media platforms.

Stop dreaming about establishing intimate relationships with famous athletes because there are social media platforms that can help you connect with them. Twitter is one of the favorite hangout channels of sports savvy online guests. As a writer or a sports fan, you have the chance to gain social media followers.


Get sports updates

So, what else can you get from social media? Not only will you find those awesome athletes with awesome moves and techniques, but also get updates about their games or any sport-related event. Remember how the whole world had the chance to get World Cup 2014 or FIBA Spain 2014 minute by minute updates? Visual content is limited to photos or if you are lucky, short footages. There are copyright issues about the airing of games so it is highly unlikely for fans to find a full footage.


A writer’s chance

Social media sports writers now have the chance to shine because while they have the chance to show off their writing skills in real-time. Sports writers who want to get noticed or want to prove that they can make awesome social media posts even when under time pressure.

Social media opens doors to possible employment opportunities. This is easy because everyone is into Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram or should I say in every corner of the social media world.


Understanding sports fans

What is it in social media that makes it a better place for sports fans? Real-time updates are free. No need to spend on pay-per view (if you are trying to save). Get updates from various sources not only about the game, but also about the behind-the-scenes ones.


Benefit from the engagement

Did you know that you can also promote your business while you are busy enjoying sports updates and conversations? Remember that your web presence alone can be an opportunity to promote your business. Choose a profile picture that is related to your business like a brand logo. This can boost your brand recognition even when others find it an innocent gesture. Social media channels can be a gold mine for promoting a business if you will utilize all possible marketing strategies.

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NBA Seeks Age Limit: Good or Bad?

The most sought after position in the basketball world gets filled in after a year. The new executive director of NBA happens to be a Washington, D.C. lawyer named Michele Roberts who gets stuck with the Age Limit issue of players. Despite the long list of tasks and responsibilities that awaits the attorney is the age limit question that was left hanging by the former NBA executive director. Negotiations are still ongoing regarding the issue and it’s a good idea to take a look at what basketball veterans have to say about it. Some people are asking their twitter followers and facebook fans through polls regarding with the said issue. 

Mike Fratello, former NBA coach, says agents seem to have more power because they protect the young guys too much that their potentials can’t be gauged accurately. It is better tosee them play more than 35 games and actually see them compete with one another. One year doesn’t seem enough compared to the huge salary they can get when they turn into professional basketball players.

Derek Anderson

Derek Anderson, an 11-year NBA veteran who happens to be a University of Kentucky graduate, emphasizes the importance of education that a player can get before he turns into a professional. Basketball doesn’t last a lifetime so one might as well prepare for it. What happens to a player when his career ends after 10-15 years? If you got no education, the remaining years will turn into a struggle because you don’t know what to do unlike if you have a degree. A former player does not only struggle financially but also emotionally because he and his family are stuck with personality issues since they are not used to life out of the limelight.

Steve Smith

Steve Smith, a14-year NBA veteran, collegiate and NBA TV analyst, thinks 21 is the appropriate age limit. College does not seem to be the right requirement but the age instead. Besides, a year or two in college won’t get you a degree and you are still a long way away from it.

Reggie Theus

Reggie Theus, former NBA player and coach, D-League coach and current coach of Cal State Northridge, say making a living something he approves of. He thinks that two years in college is enough. Everyone is just desperate to go somewhere else just like how it is in college and in the D-League.

Brendan Suhr, 25-year veteran NBA assistant coach and executive, director of program development for University of Central Florida, finds it a good idea to make sure that a player is sure about what he wants to do. It is all about an athlete’s readiness and maturity. Rushing things doesn’t seem right for these kids.

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Join the World Cup 2014: Follow #FIFAWorldCup

The Global Stadium just opened for the World Cup 2014 but everyone has started talking about it months ago. The 2010 World Cup used to be the most talked about soccer competition on Twitter but the 2014 seems to be attracting a much larger attention and it hasn’t even started yet. The record breaker conversation is now the 2014 World Cup.

FIFA, the international governing body of soccer has come up with a new social media account that will generate conversations about the sporting event. The mobile applications being used were also improved and a new social hub was created. Now, it can handle the upcoming most talked about sporting event.

The newly built hub allows fans to watch the action live and engage with their favorite teams and athletes. Fans can even discover behind-the-scenes information including the personal lives and practices being made by athletes before the prestigious event.

FIFA relies on the engagement it will get from users who are in social media giants likes Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Currently, it has 12 pages that have already reached a total of 280 million users this April. Now, FIFA tweets in six languages to just to reach out their global soccer fans. Every post will surely be understood by more people because it is spoken in various languages. Hashtags like #WorldCup, #GlobalStadium, #myworldcup and #JoinIn are just a few of the many that FIFA is using to build a strong engagement.

The main goal of the social media is to bring fans and athletes together. FIFA is prepared for any scenario that can happen on social media. Everyone involved became a part of the brainstorming process which included debates. Video interviews of players will be available for public viewing. Every scene whether it’s a game-winning goal or not will surely make everyone gasp with excitement.

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Twitter Amplify to Generate Revenue be Selling Stocks

Twitter Amplify to Generate Revenue be Selling Stocks

Social media sites and internet companies chief goal is to generate revenue from the free membership and promotion that users get out of their web pages. Twitter has the upper hand on sports and is now exploring their chances of earning in this particular aspect.  It seems to be an ambitious dream to sell stocks to sports fans. And it’s called ‘Twitter Amplify’.

To generate revenue, Twitter will team up with other companies that offer sports content. They have done a test market on this and the results are promising.

Twitter initially established connections with Turner Sports and ESPN.  Twitter is offering a competitive and promising platform for content providers and hopes to provide engaging sports video clips. Income will be distributed among the content provider, distributor and the social media giant ‘Twitter’.

According to Sports Business Journal, many companies are setting up to join the business enterprise including MLB Advanced Media and PGA Tour, Time Inc. The focus of this project is to get the bulk of the earnings from the buy-in from advertisers. The gamble seems to offer superb leverage to these companies because they can quickly get in touch with their target markets.

Twitter hopes to get an enormous increase I their audience because of their team up with NBA and Turner. Video clips of the playoffs highlights can now be accessed using Twitter and the major sponsors include Taco Bell, Sony SNE + 1.27% and Sprint. Using social media sites at advertising platforms will no longer be just a dream. The joint venture expects an increase of 50% in their revenue.

The moment Twitter goes public on the selling of stocks including the joint venture strategic plans. Many will newly popped out companies especially Twitter wanna-bes will be joining the band wagon. Mobile device platforms seem to be the thing of the future.

Aside from witter, they also use other social media platforms like vimeo to feature some sports events, and gain attraction from the fans. They even buy real vimeo views to attract people easily and make noise.

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The New Sports Water Cooler: Facebook

The New Sports Water Cooler: Facebook

The giants in social media are Facebook in Twitter and they have become a part of our daily routine. Although there are new social media sites, many have remained loyal to these two largest sites.

Facebook was always considered to be bigger and more popular compared to Twitter except when it comes to people inclined to sports. Twitter seems to be the favorite of athletes and their fans. If you want to know the latest shout out of LeBron, you might as well take a peek at his Twitter account.

To stop Twitter from being the upper hand in sports, Facebook teamed up SportStream to narrow the gap.

Tech Crunch claims that if there are cluttered and disorganized details like ‘RG3 touchdown’. The phrase simply means Robert Griffin the third of Washington Redskins NFL just scored a touch. Facebook can’t analyze such data, but SportStream can.

Facebook and SportStream are establishing a well-planned partnership that will hopefully make Facebook become the upper hand in sports. Sport Stream uses a state-of-the-art technology to track, monitor and organize Facebook posts, Instagram media, stats and news from every player, team or game across the globe.

Keyword Insights API that confidential data that Facebook users can now be accessed by SportStream because of the partnership with Facebook. This includes access to Public Feed API. Since a lot of information can be extracted, it is easy to produce info graphics on sports that anyone all over the globe would want to find out.

A smart search interface will be released soon making it easy to get any sports data. The feature makes it easy type in queries like “Who is more popular between Kobe or LeBron among the young generation?”

Facebook is optimistic about venturing into something new and big ─ a water cooler for sports talk.

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Olympic Athletes Shine in Social Media Sites

Olympic Athletes Shine in Social Media Sites

The most anticipated games worldwide are expected every 4 years ─ Olympics.  Athletes who compete in this prestigious event try to stay relevant between the 4-year break.

Dr. Andrea Eagleman explains that athletes strive to stay in the limelight by grabbing attention in social media. Olympic athletes reach the spotlight only every 4 years because Olympic Games are scheduled that way. Over the years, these athletes try to maintain their popularity or even compete among other athletes in various social media sites like Integra and Twitter.

Although familiar with the events in the lives of Olympic athletes including the four-year gap in between games, she still conducted more research on the relevance of social media to the athletes. This has been a part of her job as a communications assistant for USA gymnastics.

Massey University (the School of Sport and Exercise) dug deeper by interviewing different members of sports organizations. Her study showed that Olympic athletes remain active in social media sites during the four-year break.

Lesser known sports don’t get a lot of attention even during the Olympic games especially during the four-year break. Nobody even remembers the last time they saw curling, a less popular game.

The International Olympics Committee is even encouraging athletes to actively participate in social media. However, there are recommended guidelines that they should follow. They are asked not to post video or audio during events unless it will be for their personal viewing only.

Athletes are only comfortable at tweeting, most of them are adept at regularly posting images with enticing caption (although they really don’t have to because anything they post seems to rouse sports fanatics). Although some athletes seem to be swimming blindly, survey shows that they have no problem reaching out their fans because Twitter has the upper hand on sports. Sports fans can easily find their favorites athletes in this social media giant.

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Most Charming Athletes on Instagram and Twitter

Social media sites are teeming with different kinds of users ─ politicians, models, celebrities and athletes.  Everyone wants to stay connected with the rest of the world and that includes athletes with their fans. These sites give athletes the chance to reach out to their fans quickly. Ordinary stories are always special if they come from your favorite athletes and followers or fans are always on the look for the latest ones. It may be a about a tiring practice, charity event or personal issues.

Instagram happens to be the favorite of the 2012 Summer Olympics athletes and NBA stars. Meanwhile, soccer players have lured online traffic to their Twitter accounts.  Below are the top 5 athletes who are considered the most appealing because of their interactive fans and followers.

Top 2 Athletes in Twitter

Most Charming Athletes on Instagram and Twitter

Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite (@KAKA)

Ricardo, a.k.a. Kaka, is an absolute favorite because of his almost 18 million followers despite posting Portuguese Tweets.

Ronaldinho Gaucho (@10Ronaldinho)

The former midfielder of Atletico Mineiro is probably one of the most charming athletes because he has over 8 million followers in his Twitter account. This Twitter favorite is a Brazilian superstar who will be a part of an upcoming sports event very soon.  Now, his over 8 million followers await his next game.

*** Another record breaker (but not in the top) is Shaquille O’Neal (@SHAQ). He is drawing near the 8 million mark. He has 7,942,190 Twitter followers***

Top 2 Athletes in Instagram

Dwyane Wade (@dwyandewade)

About 2.5 million Instagram followers await every post of this Miami Heat superstar. His enormous fans enjoy sharing his posts. Whether he would post his family photos or luxurious lifestyle and belongings, everything just seems to spark the interest of the viewers.

Kevin Durant (@easymoneysniper)

Oklahoma City’s Thunder Forward seems to be growing his already enormous Instagram followers because he now has over 2 million of them.

Ultimate favorites in BOTH Twitter and Instagram

Cristiano Ronaldo (@Cristiano)

This charming Real Madrid winger has captured the hearts of his 23 million Twitter followers and 69 million Facebook followers. His exciting posts are of various concepts ─ from soccer practices to candid massage after-game moments. The unique humor of this Portuguese megastar certainly earned him such popularity.

LeBron James (@KingJames)

The Miami Heat super star is not just superb in his basketball games but also in winning the loyalty of his near 11 million Twitter followers and 4.5 million Instagram followers. He is just a pro at using hashtags on Twitter.

Neymar Junior(@NeymarJr)

The Spanish-speaking Barcelona striker has over 2000 photos in Instagram making it one of the most productive and most engaging Instagram users. He has earned the loyalty of 2.5 Twitter followers and 3.5 million Instagram followers.

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